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Former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tommie Lee is tired of reading and hearing about people who are “tired of being in the house,” due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Lee took to her Instagram story to share a video that she recorded of a homeless person who was living outside. “Y’all trippin’ we all blessed compared to others,” she wrote over the video. “Take y’all ungrateful asses outside and share the wealth! Cause [expletive] could be worse.”

“Look what other people are going through,” Lee can be heard in the background saying in the video. “Y’all are talking about you’re tired of being in the house when some people don’t have no [expletive] house.”

In the video, Lee also said that she really wants to show people who are stressing about being stuck in the house how some other people are living. “This is what’s going on!” Lee said. “Look at what other people are going through.”

“Next time y’all get tired of being in the house. I’mma show y’all some more people tired of being outside. Tighten up,” Lee wrote in her Instagram story.

Although it seems as if Lee simply wanted people to express gratitude and stop complaining about social distancing and quarantining, some people didn’t agree with Lee’s approach.

“Ok, but we still tired of being in the house so,” one Instagram user replied in the comment section of The Shade Room‘s post regarding Lee’s actions. “She still doesn’t need to be recording people like that. She could’ve got the same message out without putting people’s business out,” one woman said.

It ain’t our fault they homeless, they made bad choices not us,” a man responded. Another person questioned whether or not Lee was going to help the woman who’s outdoor living quarters she recorded. “But is she gone help her tho?” the person asked.

“Tommy you should by them a house instead of running ya mouth,” another Instagram user said.

#PressPlay: #Tommie coming through with an important reminder and reality check for the folks that have been complaining about being stuck in the house. She also made sure to bless the woman with something to help her out, while proving her point!! (SWIPE)

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