Coronavirus Coverage

A man in Kentucky was diagnosed with COVID – 19 and refused to isolate so the state has had to force him to do so.

According to, Governor Andy Beshear shared details of a a 53-year-old man who tested positive at the University of Louisville, then left against medical advice and refused self-quarantine.

The Governor said that a law enforcement officer has been posted outside the man’s home. He said, “It’s a step I hoped I’d never have to take, but we can’t allow one person who we know has the virus to refuse to protect their neighbors.”

Beshear added, “We’ve got to make sure that people who have tested positive, that we know could be spreading the virus, and simply refuse to do the right thing.”

The governor also said he expects more people to test positive because the virus is being “community spread,” meaning that it’s moving from person-to-person in Kentucky and cases are popping up without known linkages.

The state has now closed churches and schools and added tight restrictions on visitors to nursing homes and jails, in order to limit the spread of the respiratory illness.


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