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A judge rejected Megan Thee Stallion’s record label’s motion to dissolve the temporary restraining order that was granted against it, as TMZ reports. The judgment allows the Houston rapper to release her forthcoming project Suga on Friday (Mar. 6).

1501 Certified Entertainment’s owner, Carl Crawford, had filed a motion to dissolve the temporary restraining order Megan was granted earlier this week, as we previously reported.

Crawford felt as if Megan didn’t have a right to take the label to court. Crawford said that Megan’s contract stipulates all disputes between her and 1501 Certified Entertainment must be handled via arbitration, according to court documents.

Crawford also had made claims that the “Hot Girl Summer” rapper is guilty of booking various performances without the label’s approval, in addition to her plans to release new music on Friday.
According to court documents, 1501 says that Megan can’t drop music without the label’s approval, which is in her contract. Although Megan wants to re-negotiate her contract, Crawford said that he’s exercising his contractual right to control the distribution of the Houston native’s music.

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