NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 23: Assistant Chef Joe Breaton carries out a turkey prior to actor Stephen Baldwin serving Thanksgiving dinner to men and women at the New York City Rescue Mission on November 23, 2004 in New York City. (Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images)

Would you be okay with something other than turkey on Thanksgiving?  A new poll claims almost TWO-THIRDS of us would be fine with that. We’re not sure how accurate it is though, because Hardee’s sponsored it in connection with a new “Thanksgiving in a Box” meal they’re testing out in Jacksonville, Florida this year.  It comes with stuffing-crusted CHICKEN tenders, not turkey.

That said, there are a few other stats we found interesting . . .

1.  26% of people said they’d like to see alternate food options on the table this year.

2.  30% have already had something besides turkey as the main dish on Thanksgiving.

3.  The most overrated Thanksgiving foods are cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, green beans, macaroni & cheese, and turkey.  24% said turkey is overrated.

4.  The most common ways we break tradition are by serving something other than turkey . . . going out to eat . . . and skipping it altogether to go on vacation.

5.  28% also said they get bored eating the same thing every year.  And 25% think doing a full Thanksgiving dinner is just too stressful.