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CULVER CITY, CA - SEPTEMBER 20: Host Alex Trebek poses on the set at Sony Pictures for the 28th Season Premiere of the television show "Jeopardy" on September 20, 2011 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Alex Trebek recently had an interview with CTV and gave fans insight on how his current cancer treatment is going. Alex says during the discussion about Jeopardy, “I will keep doing it as long as my skills do not diminish, and they have started to diminish. I talk to the producers about this all the time, I say ‘Look, I’m slurring my words, my tongue doesn’t work as much, as well as it used to. The chemo has caused sores inside my mouth. It makes it difficult for me to speak and enunciate¬†properly.'” He adds that although producers say they don’t notice, that he notices, and he’s sure there are Jeopardy watchers who do.

Alex Trebek adds that this means that he may step away from the show sooner than expected. He says he will walk away “When I feel that my skills have diminished to the point that I notice and am bothered by it.”

Alex Trebek has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He has been on Jeopardy for 36 seasons and has hosted almost 8000 episodes.

Watch the entire interview below: