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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JULY 11: Director Quentin Tarantino attends the photo call for Columbia Pictures' "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills on July 11, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Quentin Tarantino has been doing a lot of talking about his final movie — he’s always said that he’s only going to do ten films, and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was his ninth.

The director has speculated that his last movie might be a film in the Star Trek franchise, but whether or not that is a possibility remains to be seen. Paramount, who owns the franchise, might not want the Tarnatino treatment on their galaxy.

But now, Tarantino is speculating that his last effort might be a horror film: during his press tour for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, he said, “If I come up with a terrific horror film story, I will do that as my tenth movie. I love horror movies. I would love to do a horror film,” according to England’s The Independent.

1996’s vampire flick From Dusk Til Dawn was written by Tarantino, who co-starred in it with George Clooney, Juliette Lewis and Harvey Keitel. But it was directed by Robert Rodriguez, so it doesn’t count as one of Tarantino’s ten films.