Owner of Nation Christian Academy Prep School in Port St. Lucie, FL, Mike Woodbury, needs to work on his people skills.

A recording has been released of Woodbury being very disrespectful and blatantly insulting a player that used to attend his school as a student-athlete.

Beware video contains foul language

Listen to the recording here.

He has since addressed the released recording and told Stadium, “I own that 100 percent.”

Although the released clip is about three minutes long, Woodbury claims that the rant went on for about 35 mins.

Since then, the student has tried to transfer to a new school and says that Woodbury has made is very difficult for the process to complete and claims that Woodbury tampered with his transcripts and lowering his GPA to a 1.4.

Below is Woodbury’s official statement regarding the audio.

“First, I want to apologize for the vulgar language that was used in the video that has been circulating around. I have had this particular student for a year. He is like family and sometimes family arguments get blown of proportion,” he said. “The comment about ‘returning to Haiti’ was not a threat, but to make the student aware that his criminal behavior would risk him being sent. Despite all of what is circulating, I still wish this student nothing but the best in his future endeavors.” (Complex)

The school has since been removed from the Sunshine Independent Athletic Association.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see more consequences come from this in the near future.


Written by Christopher Schweitzer
Beasley Media Group Inc.