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Since splitting up, tons of rumors have swirled around Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande from why they broke up to if they still have a future — And everything in between.

But, perhaps Pete is over Ariana.

While the reason for their split has still never been confirmed by either party, many feel it had a lot to do with Mac Miller’s death.

As you know, Miller and Ariana dated for nearly two years before Ariana left him.

Soon after, her and Pete went public with their relationship, which soon became an engagement announcement.

The one thing we do know about their split was that Ariana was the one who initiated the breakup. It’s not clear if the two has a full blown out argument when they split, but Pete has made it clear he doesn’t want to talk to the former love of his life.

According to US Weekly, the comedian got new digits after the split, so Ariana has no way to reach out to him.

Additionally, he’s already changed his Ariana tattoos, which is another indication Pete isn’t running back to Ariana.

With the new information in mind, do you think these two will ever get back together?

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