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Kaley Cuoco has something to say!

Last week, reports surfaced regarding a comment Cuoco made about her husband — And now she’s clearing the air.

During an interview on the Ryan Seacrest show last Monday, the actress said she would be okay if her husband, Karl Cook, left her.

But, it appears there’s more to this story.

According to Us Weekly, Cuoco feels as though people overanalyzed her statement, as she wants people to understand what she really meant when she hypothetically spoke about her husband leaving her.

You have to remember, Cuoco was previously married to Ryan Sweeting, but the pair broke up in 2016.

So, with that in mind, you have to imagine that Cuoco looks at marriage differently now, because she had to rely on herself, especially financially, after her divorce.

In the interview, Cuoco was merely trying to say that she would be okay and stable financially without a husband. Truth be told, if Karl left her, she would be very upset.

The message she hopes people, especially women, will take away from what she said, is that they don’t need a man to get by or take care of them, but a healthy relationship is obviously an added bonus in anyone’s life.

So there you have it …

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