If you’re like most parents, you probably have a stockpile of juice boxes in your pantry, especially during the school year.

And, you probably pack your kids said juice boxes in their school lunches without giving it much thought.

But, one father’s warning to other parents might change that.

Recently, Cameron Hardwick posted a video on Facebook of the contents of his son’s juice box.

The dad said he became suspicious of the drink due to the way the packaging felt.

While there were no tears in the strawberry kiwi Capri Sun, the container of juice seemed thinner than it should be.

Hardwick shook the juice and turned it upside down to look at the juice.

To his surprise, he saw something alarming.

Once he poured the juice into a glass, he showed everyone that the juice appeared to contain mold.

Undoubtedly, parents should check their children’s juice boxes before letting their kids consume the beverage.

Moreover, Capri Sun is aware of the potential for mold in their drinks.

They encourage people who purchase their products to inspect the juice boxes before consumption.

Cameron Hardwick

Cameron Hardwick posted a video to his timeline.

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