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Missy Elliot - You probably love her own repertoire of catchy club songs, but did you know Missy Elliot has also created a slew of hits for other people, including the late Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, and Ciara?

Missy Elliot hints at new music coming in 2019.

For the longest time, Missy Elliot has been absent in the hip-hop world except for a surprise feature here and there that didn’t make too much noise, but just recently Missy took to Twitter to let her fans know she’s about to drop some new jams.

After a good bit of support, she then tweeted out this video saying she wants to get people dancing again.

The 30-second snippet sounds pretty lit and if we know Missy at all you know it will be a banger.

On another note, this video is absolute gold.


Written by Christopher Schweitzer
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