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Just moments ago, the search for Maddox Ritch, 6, shifted from Rankin Lake Park to a nearby creek outside the park.

Dozens of police searched a creek on Old Dallas Highway and Marietta Street.

The creek is about a mile outside the park.

Soon after, reports that authorities had found a body surfaced online.

Police have now confirmed the body found is believed to be Maddox’s.

This is not the outcome anyone hoped for.

Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.


Today is day six in the search for Maddox Ritch.

Search crews are working around the clock desperately trying to locate the little boy.

Earlier, we reported Maddox had wandered off while at Rankin Lake Park with his father.

According to his dad, Maddox was running around the park on Saturday and quickly left his father’s sight.

The boy’s father frantically looked for the boy immediately, but after being unable to locate him — Authorities were called in to assist.

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