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LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 24: Nicki Minaj performs onstage at the 2018 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 24, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

C’mon now, Nicki. You are better than this.

Nicki Minaj has a beef with Travis Scott ranking high for ‘Astroworld’ and honestly, it’s coming off more petty than constructive.

According to XXL, Nicki Minaj tweeted about the fact that Travis sold 200k in clothing bundles and concert tickets that are packaged with the album, and he was selling the clothes before the music came out.

“I spoke to him last night & he said he’s been selling clothes b4 the music. Billboard says they’ll change the rules cuz of this, so it should be changed now!” What she doesn’t touch on, is the fact that Future and Nicki are doing the same thing with their ticket sales, and they are promising a future project from Future, with no actual product or date to be released.

Another reason she’s buggin’ because Kylie Jenner, Scott’s girlfriend and baby mama, tweeted out his links as well as a tour pass saying “Come see me & Stormi.”

Minaj says Scott knows that he doesn’t have the #1 album of the week because she spoke to him, but my question is, why, if her work speaks for itself, and she’s talking about all the numbers and records she’s breaking, why does she need to rant about Travis Scott and his tactics?

Matter of fact, as well: Lil’ Wayne has been in full support of Minaj’s ‘Queen’ and she has done so much press with it, maybe it’s just not as good as she thinks it is, or people aren’t as interested in it as she thinks they should be?

She also ranted about Spotify pulling their support when she first released because she promoted the Apple Music release, but they didn’t do it to Drake when he released on both platforms for ‘Scorpion.’

Personally, I think that Nicki should be happy that her album is getting all the hits she is getting, and how she’s got rankings in a bunch of countries, instead of nitpicking at every little thing other artists in her field are doing. It’s not like the album isn’t succeeding, so there’s no reason to not be content with how many people are in love with it.