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Wheelchair Jimmy Lives!

Drake, you know, the rapper? Yeah, well, he also used to be an actor, if you didn’t know. Starring on the TV Show ‘Degrassi,’ Drake knows what it’s like to grow up on screen. So what better than to have him executive produce a TV show that is a high school drama?

According to XXL, it’s loosely based on an Israeli TV show of the same name, called Euphoria, and it’s described as “‘Kids’ meets ‘Trainspotting,’ and what might exist when parents don’t exist,” according to HBO executive Francesca Orsi.

Zendaya will star in the lead role of Rue – not that she is any stranger to acting. Her most recent huge role was in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,’ and on top of all her TV work, she’s also played a love interest for Bruno Mars in a music video.