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R. Kelly Just "Admitted" Everything With New Release

R. Kelly released a nineteen-minute "song" addressing all of his sexual abuse allegations titled, I Admit.

The “song” is more of a ramble, where he addresses the majority of his sexual assault allegations he has endured throughout his career as well as some recent sexual assault issues brought to light involving others such as Bill Cosby.

You can listen to the “song” below.

R.Kelly "I Admit" by Julius "A&R" Darrington

R.Kelly "I Admit" written and arranged by R.Kelly, produced by R.Kelly & Noc

There have been some rather strong reactions to the release if you expected otherwise you were very wrong.

Rose on Twitter

Honestly, people who support R.kelly wholeheartedly despite everything he's done are just as big of trash as he is. Talking about "sEPAratE THe aRTisT anD thE MUsiC" dumbass.

deray on Twitter

R. Kelly literally sings "I admit it, I did it." Someone, pull the plug on his career please.

Craig Bro Dude on Twitter

R. Kelly dropped a 20 minute emotional trap song called "I Admit" where he said his music is a service to the country and his accusers and their families are liars and scammers. Dude finished.

darcie wilder on Twitter

how am i just finding out that r kelly is illiterate OH i must've been distracted by the child molestation and kidnapping and sex cult

Did R. Kelly finally put an end to his own career?


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