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After pleading not guilty after his arrest, Julez Santana has gotten some rapid stamp of approval for Therapy from his judge. 

In the report from XXL, it’s been shared that there might be something deeper going on, as Santana was found with medication, as well as a gun. They quote:

“… Federal pretrial service officer Jennifer Powers believes that Juelz is in need of a mental health evaluation. Powers submitted a request for the talented rapper to get evaluated, and also to start treatment, immediately. The specifics of what made Powers submit the request have not been released, but it was cleared by a judge on the same day it was submitted. For a request to be signed off on so rapidly raises concerns for the state of Juelz’s mental health. One could argue that a mental health evaluation and treatment would do much more for rehabilitation than a prison sentence.”

The former Dipset star is hopefully in good hands as of right now – but it’s good to see that more people are reporting on mental health prior to suicide, in Julez’s case.