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The album was already released last Friday, so something tells me Yeezy is in some trouble.

According to the report from NME:

“One track on ‘K.T.S.E.’ has come under scrutiny from Numero Group, however, with the label claiming that West didn’t get clearance for a sample he used from a track that featured on their 2010 Boddie Recording Company box set. Taylor’s song ‘Issues/Hold On’ uses that sample, which is a cover of Billy Stewart’s 1965 single ‘I Do Love You’ (the artist who recorded the cover is unknown).”

Considering that Teyana Taylor has already been slightly outspoken that the album release felt rushed, and that she wanted to expand the album, it is entirely possible that Kanye West didn’t get the proper clearance for the sample.

The label’s co-founder, Rob Sevier, wanted to make sure that the accusations were perfectly clear: “I want to be explicit that while we haven’t actually heard anything from Kanye’s team about this sample, we are in the midst of multiple other clearances and I don’t want to imply that they don’t intend to clear it.”

To be continued, we’re sure…