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We wonder if there will be an investment plan in the words from Cardi B.

The venue called Love & Lust was recently closed and noted that the place had a special place in her heart on Instagram, according to XXL.

According to PageSix, the venue got shut down after being targeted by the NYPD. The $125 million claim alleges that the business has been treated unfairly since it opened, targeted by both cops and the State Liquor Authority.

Now that the club is shut, the dancers and bartenders are out of work – and probably will go to other clubs hoping for a job.

Cardi isn’t the only one shouting out the club – 50 Cent also lent support to the club, which ended up getting him in hot water, using the phrase “Get The Strap.” The NYPD is investigating possibly charging him for aggravated harassment. According to the report, 50 was referring to “Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez, head of the 72nd Precinct in Sunset Park, following stories about the police boss allegedly squeezing the owner of the Love & Lust club for gifts, including free round-trip tickets to Puerto Rico.”


We’re sure to hear more about this – but for right now, Cardi is bummed out and hoping the club will reopen. We’ll see what happens!