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Lil' Yachty Asks To Do A Song With Big EDM Producer, Ends In Feud

Lil' Yachty wants to do a "big edm song" - and ends up in the middle of a DJ feud!

The claws came out when Deadmau5, a DJ who ranked high in 2010/2011 responded to the tweet "I'm good. Thanks."

king of the youth on Twitter

I wanna do a big edm song and perform it at one of those festivals, which edm dj tryna make it with me?

Goat lord on Twitter

@lilyachty I'm good. Thanks.


Lil' Yachty responded that he "didn't ask" him in particular - and then Deadmau5 tries to prompt Yachty to play Battleground, which caused a response of "Suck my ****, I play fortnite."

Though you think that would be the end of that - but then Diplo comes out of the woodwork and delivers the burn!

Diplo on Twitter

@deadmau5 @lilyachty i dont think he was asking you he said he wanted to do a big song


Maybe Deadmau5 will learn to not respond to people so hastily after that burn. No word if Lil' Yachty will be working with Diplo after that exchange.