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You gotta love the every man, or shall we say, the every WOMAN from the Bronx. Cardi B takes her hosting so seriously, she kicks Jimmy Fallon out of his seat. 

For the first co-host ever on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Cardi brings the laughs, the bird noises, the best facial expressions, and admitting she is pregnant with Offset‘s baby. Talk about making history!


Cardi is doing the skits that Jimmy typically does with Guests, including “Box Of Lies” in which Jimmy can’t keep it together.


She also takes the time to explain her catchphrases, and her baby reveal on Saturday Night Live: 



She also took a time to do a custom voicemail for a fan:


They also put her in a room with John Mulaney, which could have gone about 20 different ways:


Cardi, don’t ever change.


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