A woman is sending a warning to others after her acne medication almost caused her to go blind.

At one point or another, we’ve all dealt with acne, but not everyone deals with acne for the same duration.

For some, their battle with acne lingers for years. For these acne sufferers, they often turn to prescription medication to treat their acne.

Emma O’Mahoney started taking medication to treat her acne a little over a year ago.

While her face cleared up, the medication, doxycycline, caused her to nearly lose her eyesight.

Unfortunately, blindness is a very rare side effect of taking this type of medication.

The woman started noticing her pupil would change size and would be bigger than her other pupil.

O’Mahoney was hospitalized. It took a year to regain most of her eyesight, which she attributes to surgery and medication.

So scary.

What happened to this woman is a good reminder to talk to your doctor about the risks of taking medication beforehand.

For those who don't know the story of my eyes, here it is. ???????????? This time last year, I lost a good amount of my eyesight. The reason I decided to finally tell my "story" on social media is bc I know there are a lot of unanswered questions and if you see me walking around town with a cane, I don't want you to freak out. Long story short, last year I had a reaction to some medication that caused spinal fluid to build up in my brain, swelling my optic nerve, causing me to loose a lot of my eyesight. When I was admitted to the hospital, they told me I was a day way from being completely blind. Thanks to Riley's ophthalmology, neurology, and Neurosurgical teams, I was able to gain a good amount of eyesight back over the past year with the help of surgery and heavy medication. So what can I see? I have a lack of peripheral vision, lovely blind spots that like to dance around my eyes, I'm blind in the lower half of my left eye, all straight lines are wavy, and I do have night blindness. Even though my vision kinda sucks, I'm so so grateful for what I have. I'm finishing my senior year online with the help of technology provided by Voc. Rehab. over the summer, and will be attending college for theatre with an emphasis in social justice in the fall of 2018. I'm not posting this for people to feel sorry for me, bc guys, I'm really fine. I just wanted to give an honest update on my life, something I've always neglected to do on social media. So that's all!

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