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So if you’re a fan or not of Migos, you’re probably still a fan of Dr. Suess.

Most of us have grown up with Dr. Suess, and this pair decided to take him to the next level, giving you an idea of what it would sound like if Dr. Suess hit the booth.

Using the classic story ‘There’s A Wocket In My Pocket!,’ one man raps over the beat in perfect iambic pentameter to the story, while another is the hype man, or rather, plays the role of a second Migos rapper, who is making “skrrrrt” and “brririirr” noises in the background.

It especially becomes funny when the first rapper starts to whisper the lines, while the other yells things like “mama” and “the trap.”

Watch the video here:


Dr Seuss was Migos before The Migos


To be completely honest, I would listen to a whole mixtape of this stuff. Can I request that ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish’ be the next single?


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