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With all of the bizarre allegations surrounding R.Kelly, it’s a shocker that he’s still got a recording contract. Well, Jack Antonoff doesn’t think it’s cool. 

The singer and producer of the indie rock/pop side posted in a since-deleted tweet “i hope my label drops r kelly. i’ve discussed it with them a number of times,” and the screenshot of the tweet can be seen on Billboard’s website.

Clearly, it wasn’t something he was supposed to say since it was deleted, but Antonoff is currently signed to RCA.

RCA is a subsidy of Sony Music, the same that just had to deal with a legal battle with Kesha since her producer Dr. Luke had allegedly assaulted her.

Being accused of a sex dungeon with trained women, including 14-year old girls, and his history with underage girls in the press, it’s safe to say that R.Kelly is going to have a hard time remixing anything in the interim.


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