wzup wuzup WZUP WITH A REBOOT???

Sooo?? Reboot or nah??????  Hip Hollywood caught up with Tisha Campbell Martin and asked her a serious question... IS THERE A MARTIN REBOOT?!?!?!?!?!? A martin reboot is not out of the realm of thought right? so many other shows have gotten reboots (Full house Rosanne come to mind.) and it seems to be the new trend in hollywood. Check out the video!

although she is not letting anything go here, her mannerisms tell a different story.  Im here for it if you could do the entire cast. only problem with that is... Tommy is no longer with us... but I am sure there can be a way to wrap up that bow... or maybe even introduce another homie? or kids?  I will be watching and waiting to see if this reboot sees the light of day.