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Wendy Williams is at it again.

This time, she made it known that she has had enough with the #MeToo & #TimesUp movements, in regards to the newest movement trying to get R. Kelly’s shows canceled.

According to HotNewHipHop, Wendy asked “what is this 10 years too late?” she later said in the same video “black people aren’t really good at protesting.” Although the women protesting R. Kelly’s shows have been able to get 8 shows of his cancelled. She goes on to say, “This has nothing to do with #MeToo, R. Kelly is just a very, very sick man.”

Also during the video Wendy says, “I love that people are speaking up for the first time and speaking out and everything, but not it’s got, I look at all men like you’re a #MeToo, all of them, all of them, which is not fair.”

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There's a grassroots movement to remove R Kelly from the music industry forever. Two Atlanta women are furious that R Kelly has continued to have a career despite years of troubling allegations. Then, Kylie Jenner was spotted for the first time in months amidst pregnancy rumors.

It seems to me that she doesn’t really understand the movement but I could be wrong.

Do you think Wendy has a point or is she just being ridiculous as usual?


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