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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 09: Serena Williams of the USA looks on during a meet & greet with the Melbourne Renegades at The Olsen on January 9, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images)

Serena Williams and her daughter Alexis are on the cover of Vogue for the month of February. And while Williams looks great, it’s what’s on the inside of the magazine that captured our attention.

According to The Daily Mail, Williams revealed to Vogue that she underwent an emergency c-section while in labor. Her doctors made the decision to perform the c-section because her unborn daughter’s heart rate dropped during delivery.

Then, while recovering from the c-section, Williams had trouble catching her breath the day after her daughter was born. Upon further examination, doctors found several blood clots in her body — That had traveled to her lungs.

While Williams was prescribed medication, other issues arose because she was coughing. Part of her c-section incision opened up, and Williams underwent surgery to insert a filter inside a vein, to prevent any more blood clots from traveling to her lungs.

Following her release from the hospital, the tennis star was put on bed rest for six weeks.

Fast-forward to today, and Williams admits that being a mom comes with its challenges — especially when you are juggling a career.

But, if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Williams over the years, it’s that she doesn’t shy away from a challenge.

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