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Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 tells Post Malone to “respect hip-hop or get out.”

Lately, Post has been catching a lot of heat for his comments about hip-hop and the genre’s community hasn’t taken a liking to it. Rosenberg is the most recent “celebrity” (if even considered a celebrity) to give us his two cents on the matter. (According to HipHopLately)

Someone show this to @postmalone please ... No more passes for you bro

7,232 Likes, 2,416 Comments - Peter Rosenberg (@rosenbergradio) on Instagram: "Someone show this to @postmalone please ... No more passes for you bro"

Post said that modern hip-hop wasn’t deep, and when he wants to cry and get emotional, he listens to Bob Dylan.

I can see where Post is coming from, is that modern-day hip-hop is tainted with the mumble rappers, making records about drugs and women constantly, but that’s not to say that a person getting emotional to any song is all relative.

Post may need to watch the context of his comments as he becomes more famous. He has since posted an apology on social media.

It seems as though he is sticking by what he said, but the hip-hop community has taken what he said out of context.

Do you think Post Malone belongs in hip-hop or do you like his music no matter what?


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