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For all you fans out there who were rooting for Drake and Rihanna way back when, perhaps Drake’s latest Instagram post is a sign the two will eventually get back together — or not.

But, in the meantime, we can dream that one day Drake and Rihanna will reunite, profess their unwavering love for one another, become inseparable, and have lots and lots of babies together.

Despite the fact that Rihanna has a boyfriend, there are signs that Drake is still madly in love with Rihanna. For example, the singer recently uploaded a photo on Instagram sporting attire from Rihanna’s new sock line. Is Drake helping Rihanna promote the new line because that’s what friends do?


848k Likes, 10.4k Comments - @champagnepapi on Instagram: "Trabajo"

Drake also chose an interesting caption for the photograph.

With a simple, one-word caption, Drake actually said a mouthful.

The caption “Trabajo” was added in the verbiage of the post, which means work in Spanish.

Is Drake working hard to win back Rihanna’s affection? Or is he perhaps referring to Rihanna’s tune ‘Work,’ which featured Drake?!

You’ll also notice Drake appears to be deep in thought in the photo. Hmmm …

Is love hard work?

So many questions, so few answers.

What do you think his Instagram post means?

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