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CHICAGO, IL - MAY 07: R. Kelly performs during The Buffet Tour at Allstate Arena on May 7, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

R.Kelly maintains that he’s not holding a sex cult, but his ticket sales are saying his fans believe otherwise. 

From a new report in PageSix, R.Kelly’s ticket sales have not been so hot after the families of the girls who were “missing” came forward with their stories, begging for their daughters to come home.

Some of the dates include Dallas, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge have already been canceled due to low sales, and a promoter even e-mailed his team to let them know “they were set to lose $400,000 if sales didn’t pick up fast.” The dates were then canceled, and PageSix says that according to sources, his booking agency is already trying to find a way to cut ties with him.

Also, though R.Kelly says the whole thing is a “load of crap,” he’s hired Bill Cosby’s Former Lawyer and is paying her $50,000 for 30 days, according to PageSix.

What is it they say on cop shows? If you lawyer up, you’re probably guilty?


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