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If You're The Parent of A Toddler, You MUST Watch This Video

If you're the parent of a toddler, you know that moments of peace and quiet are hard to come by.

In fact, you may often find yourself desperately trying to remember what silence sounds like. Do people actually shower or use the bathroom without being interrupted? What a beautiful concept! If this sounds like your life, you need to check out this oh-so-relatable video.

Mindy and Branden Bingham are lifestyle blogger/vloggers, and they captured a hilarious portrayal of what it's like to parent toddlers. In the video, you see a series of clips in which Mindy tries to record a vlog, only to quickly get interrupted by her enthusiastic daughter Hazyl's shouts before she can get a sentence out. Branden experienced the same issue when he tried to record his side of things. As soon as he began speaking, Hazyl would exclaim "YEAH!" and derail her doting dad.

This Is How We Bingham

Hazy certainly loves the spotlight, and when it's not on her she finds a way to steal it. Lately it's by screaming YEAH as loud as she can anytime we start talking to the camera! #ThisIsHowWeBingham

The video has already garnered hundreds of thousands of views, indicating that plenty of parents can relate to this adorable toddler phenomenon. Check out more of the Binghams' videos here.



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