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SisQó Gives Thumb Up to Ludacris “Thong Song” Remake

Thighs like what, what, what!?

Calmly return to your seat, because I too elatedly jumped out of my chair when first reading this story. But indeed, it is true.

Ludacris recently released a new single, "Vitamin D," which is a remake of SisQó’s chart-topping 1999 hit, "Thong Song." The song that single-handily changed the course of my future now has a modern-day counterpart to inspire the next generation of loquacious lingerie lovers.

A source close to the rapper told BET, “SisQó heard the track for the first time today while rehearsing for his show in Georgia and he thought it was dope once he realized Luda was on it. After nearly 20 years, seems like ‘Thong Song’ is still holding its own. Can’t be mad at that."

Teaming up with Ty Dolla $ign, Luda apparently made the former Dru Hill member proud with his newest rendition of the early-2000s theme song, and I second that motion.

No song will truly rival that of the infamous “Thong Song,” butt if there’s one rapper to pass along the thong torch to, it’s the lyrical genius behind "What's Your Fantasy” and "Ho."

And that makes my booty go da na da na.


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