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This Woman’s Post-Kiss Cam Rejection Move Is INSANE

The Kiss Cam is a staple at most major sporting events. The crowd oohs and ahhs as couples get lovey dovey while cheering on their favorite teams.

Except at a recent Atlanta Hawks game. The Kiss Cam rolled during an in-game break and all was going well, but then the camera flashed to one couple and it was all downhill. T

he guy in the relationship just wasn’t having it when it was his turn to pucker up with his lady. After having her kiss rebuffed, the resourceful woman in question turned to the man sitting on her other side and tried puckering up to him, much to her boyfriend’s surprise.

Interestingly enough, her neighbor was more than willing to return the smooch, while the boyfriend snatched his beer and stormed off. Ouch!


Check out the drama below. This seems worthy of an episode of Maury!

Woman Rejected By Boyfriend On 'Kiss Cam', Kisses Random Guy Instead

A man turned down a kiss from his girlfriend when the Kiss Cam was on them Wednesday night, so she decided to kiss someone else instead.



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