wzup wuzup WZUP WITH A REBOOT???

Sooo?? Reboot or nah??????  Hip Hollywood caught up with Tisha Campbell Martin and asked her a serious question... IS THERE A MARTIN REBOOT?!?!?!?!?!? A martin reboot is not out of the realm of thought right? so many other shows have gotten reboots (Full house Rosanne come to mind.) and it seems to be the new…

Justin Timberlake Retro

The big game is approaching and the half time performance will be electric as Justin Timberlake Takes the Stage! Lets take a look at some of JT's past mega hits!

Sting and Shaggy Collab????

na... me either... Embed from Getty Images Sting is reportedly doing a joint album with SHAGGY!!!!!! I'm not here for it. Check out this song that I do love from Shaggy.