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Thousand Dolla Holla

It’s back, bigger and better than ever…the Thousand Dolla Holla! Listen weekdays for a chance to win $1000 five times a day! We’ll give you a Thousand Dolla Holla keyword around 8am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm and 6pm. Then, text that keyword to 40772 or enter it at and you could get a call saying…


Who's Your Hero?

We all have Heroes in our lives. Some wear combat boots, some put out fires, others help us learn, and some take care of and protect us. They all deserve to be celebrated! That's why we want to know, who is your Hero?


Listen To Win

All This Week Listen To Win Tickets To "All Eyez On Me." When you hear Two 2PAC songs in a row call in and win Two tickets to the show and two hot T-shirts to rock while your at the movies !