8 Hilarious Pizza Related Items You Can Buy Right Now

03/27/2017 at 4:24 | Sarah Harley // Freelance Writer
Photo Credit: Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Who does not like pizza? It may just be the single greatest piece of food on the Earth. Not only can you put every topping imaginable on a slice, but it also involves cheese. Our mouths are watering just writing this introduction! If you are a pizza believer like us, these you need to check out these ten pizza related items available for purchase right now.

1. Pizza the Hutt Enamel Pin

Love pizza? What about Star Wars? Well, this is the perfect addition to any lapel. This “Pizza the Hut” enamel pin will bring both your addictions into one tiny joyous creation.



2. Pizza Flavored Lip Balm

If you are constantly craving the taste of a warm slice, this lip balm is for you. The handmade creation will gift your tastebuds with the deliciousness of tomatoes, basil, oregano, and pizza. Having this in your pocket is like having a pizza on the go!




3. Pizza Costume For Cats

Bring your love for a warm pie to your furry friend. This costume will perfectly frame your feline’s face and make them turn into a delicious piece of pizza. If you have a small dog, this fancy get-up would also be perfect for your barking buddy!



4. Pizza Sleeping Bag

Going camping? Afraid that you are noting going to be able to taste a piece of pie for a while? Bring this fabric version of your favorite food along with you. This pizza sleeping bag is also topped with some delicious pillow vegetables! You will definitely be the taking point around the campfire.



5. Temporary Tattoo

If you are too afraid to commit to a pizza tattoo, test this temporary one out! Coming in a pack of two, you can share them with your best friend. Best friend pizza tats – what more could you want in life?




6. Pizza Scented Candle

Make you whole home smell like you live in a pizzeria. When house gets come over, you can make their mouths water in anticipation that you are making the tasty treat. According to the Etsy page, customers can expect to smell a traditional pizza scent with a hint of garlic!




7. All I Want is Pizza Ornament

No Christmas tree is complete without a pizza-related ornament. Based off of the famous Mariah Carey song, the decoration reads “All I Want is Pizza” along with a slice of the gooey piece on the front.




8. Surfs Up Pizza Cat

Get ready for summer with this kitten riding a piece of pizza like a surfboard. Perfect for your trips down the shore, it will make people want to call up their local delivery man. However, please do not try surfing on a piece of pizza. It does not work. We may have tried.



Sarah Harley is a Hufflepuff living in the NYC area. When she is not talking to random animals or collecting stickers, she is a comedy writer working in television production. Tweet her at @lumpyspacederp